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Bat Customisation Guide

Always wanted to build your dream cricket bat and never got the chance? Read our comprehensive bat customisation guide and head over to build your custom excalibur


The handle is a crucial element of a bat. Our bat maker crafts the handle to your specific specifications, offering three distinct shapes: oval, semi-oval, and round.

Oval Handle: is a favourite among many batsmen globally. It is designed to improve control with the top hand and relieve pressure on the bottom hand, helping players execute shots down the ground. The handle provides a direct feel during the shot, with less twist on impact, conserving energy. The oval handle promotes a top-hand dominant technique.

Round Handle: accommodates the bottom hand for aerial shots. Players who primarily attack with horizontal bat shots generally prefer a Round handle, as it enables a smooth wrist roll over the ball. This handle is commonly preferred by those in the sub-continent, who prefer to use their bottom hand and have a wristy playing style.

Semi-Oval Handle: is a hybrid between the oval and round handle, offering a slight oval shape that is not as pronounced as a traditional oval handle. This handle strikes a balance between the two shapes, offering a compromise for players who want the benefits of both handles.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot, or the middle portion of the bat, is the ideal location for striking the ball for maximum power in your shot. The profile of the bat determines the position of the sweet spot.

High Sweet Spot: Players who prefer quick and bouncy wickets, those who excel on their back foot, and those who have a touch-oriented playing style should look for a high sweet spot.

Mid Sweet Spot: Bats with a mid sweet spot are ideal for players who consider themselves as "complete" batters, meaning they play on different types of wickets and with equal proficiency on both front and back foot. This provides a larger area for the sweet spot.

Low Sweet Spot: For players who predominantly play on slow, low pitches and prefer front-foot play, a low sweet spot is a great option. It is perfect for those who like to hit straight and prefer to go over the top.

Extra Low Sweet Spot: Players who primarily play on low, slow pitches and enjoy hitting the ball in the air at every opportunity should opt for an extra low sweet spot. This is ideal for front-foot players.

Blade Length

Short Blade: 21 7/8 inches (for those who prefer a lightweight bat with a large profile)

Standard Blade: 22 inches (the most popular choice and the standard size for off-the-shelf cricket bats)

Long Blade: 22 7/8 inches (for individuals over 6ft 3in who want a longer blade)

It is important to note that the blade length you choose will depend on your personal preferences and playing style. The recommendations above are simply a guide to help you make an informed decision.

Blade Bow

The blade profile of modern cricket bats can vary, offering different benefits to players. The degree of curve or bow in a bat is a personal preference, but here are the three most common options:

Slight Bow: This is a blend between the traditional and large bow and is the most common choice when making a cricket bat. This type of bow allows for a lower sweet spot on the blade, making it ideal for play on slow and low pitches, typically seen in Indian sub-continental shapes.

Traditional: Bats made by manufacturers from Australia and New Zealand tend to have little bow, resulting in a higher sweet spot that's ideal for bouncy pitches.

Large Bow: A bat with a large bow acts as a counter-balance, raising the center of gravity, and therefore assists with pick-up. A bat with considerable bow and a lower middle can feel the same as a straight blade with a higher middle. This type of bow helps with stroke control, positioning the player's hands more in front of the ball during contact, and can produce higher shots that run the risk of being caught.

Bat toe

Two popular toe shapes for cricket bats are the Square Toe and Round Toe, with a Semi Square Toe being a blend of both. Here is a comparison of the benefits of each shape:

Square Toe: A Square Toe is favoured by many international players as it enhances pickup and expands the sweet spot all the way down to the toe. It also gives the appearance of a larger toe area as there is less wastage in comparison to a Round Toe.

Round Toe: A Round Toe is the most commonly used shape and helps prevent damage to the bat toe, particularly if you are a frequent crease tapper.

Semi Square Toe: A Semi Square Toe helps minimize damage from tapping at the crease and running in, as the toe is slightly offset. This shape provides a balance between protection and performance, making it a popular choice among players.

Bat Profiles

Minimal Concave Full Profile: This bat has minimal wood removed from the back, preserving the sweet spot and providing maximum power. It offers a balanced and comfortable pickup, making it a popular choice among professional players, especially in ODI and T20 formats.

Full Spine: This bat features a lightweight pickup with slight concaving to balance the weight. It is recommended for players who prefer a spine that runs through the toe and a light bat with a mid- to high-positioned sweet spot. Ideal for back-foot players who utilize their wrists for piercing shots.

Duckbill: The duckbill profile adds thickness to the toe while maintaining balanced pickup. It is favoured by many international players for its balance and concentration of wood in the hitting zone. Ideal for front-foot players and slow, low English wickets, this bat is designed for powerful hitters and effortless clearing of the ropes.

Concave: The concave profile has wood scooped out from either side of the spine to reduce weight while preserving the essential thickness and mass in the core. This design results in a feather-light pickup with thicker edges and deeper swells, making it easier to handle.

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Chris Radford
Had my first net with cricket armoury’s pads, gloves and bat today and it all felt class, would recommended to anyone
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Winningapple 579
I ordered 1 bat it is very durable and supports me in my cricket.
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Madhav Bhimjiyani
From the moment I placed my order, the entire process was seamless and hassle-free. The team was extremely professional and prompt in addressing my queries, and I received my bat well within the promised delivery timeframe. The attention to detail was impeccable, and the bat felt perfectly balanced in my hands. As soon as I took it to the nets, I could feel the difference in the quality of the bat. The ball was coming off the bat with a sweet sound, and I was able to play my shots with much more ease and confidence. Overall, I would highly recommend this cricket company to anyone looking for high-quality cricket equipment. The level of customer service, combined with the superior quality of their products, is simply unmatched.
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Ben Johnston
Was unsure about where to buy a bat because I was worried about quality and longevity, a friend recommended this and I've never been happier, had this for a couple months and feels as good as the first time I swung it! The customer service was fantastic in finding the right suit for me as I've had wrist issues in the past, and incredibly patient as well. Would recommend for all!
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Ajan Asokan
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